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Product Overview

With Eurit 25,35 and 33 plus you have three differently options for making use of the digital networks. All models are child's play to operate , as they are virtually self-explanatory. They have design which does justice to the tightly packed electronics inside and a quality which leaves nothing to be desired. They are the first choice for an isdn line a circuit-switched telephone network system, which also provides access to packet switched networks, designed to allow digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in potentially better voice quality than an analog phone can provide. It offers circuit-switched connections (for either voice or data), and packet-switched connections (for data), in increments of 64 kilobit/s. A major market application for nt1 in some countries is Internet access, where typically provides a maximum of 128 kbit/s in both upstream and downstream directions isdn. You can download the manual and datasheet from our download section. For more information you can also send us an enquiry or request call back.

Features & Specifications

Menu-driven user guidance using Foxkey

Redial (for 10 last-dialled numbers)

Hotline (direct call)

Multilingual user guidance

Log (for last 10 answered calls)

Reject all anonymous calls

User key for up to 3 users (3 MSNs can be handled)

Supports all main isdn supplementary services

Provider pre selection

Centrex compatible

ETV® Online

Power supply directly from S-Bus

nt1 Alphanumerical display for 15

characters and pictograms

SMS function*

Emergency operation

LED for MWI and call forward status

Variable ringing melody and volume
(selectable per user)

Data backup during power failure

Phonebook for 40 names and numbers

Automatic ringing tone (ascending ringing volume)

New software update directly over the telephone network

Speed dial memory (for 8 numbers)

Listening by loudspeaker

Headset operation Caller list (for 20 unanswered calls) Call count and advice of charge per user
CTI (Computer Integrated Telephony)
with the Eurit Office Tool

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